Selling Products on Amazon with Shopify:
The Only Guide You Need

Hundreds of millions of people know and use Amazon to shop online. Wouldn’t be nice to get your brand and your products in front of all these customers?

Amazon can seem intimidating at first, however, with the right strategy and tips, you’ll have no troubles becoming a successful seller.

We’ve crafted a helpful guide to selling products on Amazon who wants to maintain the integrity of their Shopify business in a competitive marketplace.

Selling products on Amazon has never been easier, thanks to our guide.

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Your online store is your storefront, a place where you showcase your brand, connect with your customers, and sell your products. There are many ways to reach and sell to current and new customers with Shopify channels.

Shopify’s Amazon integration offers you an opportunity to connect with customers. With all of your items managed in Shopify, you can easily create Amazon listings, link existing Amazon listings, automatically sync inventory, and fulfill orders.

Shopify’s integration with the Amazon marketplace is exciting for new businesses.

The Opportunity Amazon Marketplace Offers

We believe that most brands can grow their businesses by having their own branded website and selling on marketplaces such as Amazon.

According to one research, marketplaces are likely to increase average order values, boost customer loyalty, and build trust.

You can use both your website and Amazon to complement each other. This way, you will be able to reduce customer dependency on a single sales channel and provide your customers with an option for discoverability.

By exposing your products to Amazon users, the chances are higher, they will find you and purchase from you through the channel they are comfortable with.

There are 3 reasons why you need to consider selling on Amazon:

1. Shoppers Start Their Search on Amazon

Did you know that shoppers are twice as likely to start product research on Amazon than eBay or Google?

It is inevitable that online purchasers will start looking for a product on Amazon, whether you decide to sell on a marketplace or not.

2. Amazon is an Excellent Sales Channel

Every business owner should focus on the direct relationship with the customer, Amazon is a great sales channel to use in addition to your Shopify store.

The common worry is that Amazon will take over your sales. The reality, however, is that you can maintain a prosperous branded website. If done right, Amazon can become a great addition to your Shopify business.

3. Amazon Can Help Customers Discover Your Brand

Amazon can help you build a sales funnel of buyers that shop on your website. A lot of successful brands have already launched on Amazon and get customers to buy the same or new items on their website.

What Every Seller Needs to Sell on Amazon

There are a few things to keep in mind before you start selling online on Amazon. You need to keep in mind that not all categories are available for Shopify’s Amazon integration. You need to review your catalog to check the categories and understand which categories are eligible.

We recommend you to start off with a few products, just so you can test the waters. It is worth analyzing and understanding which options are out there for your products.

Amazon Seller Central with Fulfillment Options

When you are Amazon seller, you owe your products until a customer purchases it. Being a third-party seller is the least expensive and easiest way to start selling on Amazon. As a seller, you have two options – Fulfilled by Amazon or FBA and Fulfilled by Merchant or FBM.

Amazon Vendor Express and Amazon Vendor Central

As a vendor, you sell products to Amazon, they own the products once they receive it from you. The options available are Vendor Express and Vendor Central.

There are a few benefits of being a vendor:

  • Marketing placements on corporate emails, category pages, and etc.
  • Self-service promotions
  • Access to category initiatives such as Holiday Collections, Gift Guides, and etc.
  • Access to additional programs such as Fresh, Prime Now, and Pantry
Additional Programs

For brands selling on Amazon, there is no shortage of opportunities and programs. While you won’t be able to review every opportunity, there are a few areas to use to grow your brand.

  • Fulfilled by Amazon: A service provided by Amazon marketplace. You can leverage Amazon’s fulfillment and customer service options for your products.
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime: To qualify for seller fulfilled prime, you need to meet several metrics. For example, you must ship 99% of your orders the same day you receive them.
  • Subscribe & Save: This program allows customers to buy products at a discount through subscribing. This is a great option for items that customers purchase regularly.
  • Brand Registry: This program provides private sellers with trademarks access to new tools.
  • Business Reports: Amazon has a rich dashboard that allows you to track key metrics such as sales, traffic, and conversion rates.
  • Category and Product Restrictions: There are categories that require approval in order to sell specific products.
  • North America Unified Account: Professional sellers can cross-list their items on Amazon Mexico and Amazon Canada.
  • Global Selling: Amazon marketplace offers a few different programs to make it easier to sell to other marketplaces across the world.
  • Amazon Exclusives: Exclusives are pr-approved sellers on Amazon. The program helps present brands of innovative and exciting products.
  • Multi-Channel Fulfillment: This is a growing program that allows you to use your FBA inventory to fulfill orders to other channels, for example, your Shopify store.
Selling Products on Amazon with Shopify: Final Words

Integrate your Shopify store with Amazon and reach out to millions of customers from all over the world.

We hope this guide was helpful and you’ve learned how to take advantage of Amazon marketplace, set up your business, and sell your products like a pro.

Shopify is a trusted ecommerce platform and one of the most widely used solutions for ecommerce businesses. Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world. They are the perfect combination for running a successful and powerful online business.

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