Create Online Store Free of Charge with WooCommerce

Read and discover how to create online store free of charge with WooCommerce! Follow the necessary steps and get started selling online!


To start your very own online business and create your own online store might seem like a scary and daunting project, especially if this is your first time. Today, you can find everything you need on the internet, including the steps necessary to create online store free of charge, various tutorials, instructions, and helpful guides. Even though it might seem complicated and terrifying at first, we can ensure you that it is not the hardest task in the world, especially if you stick to the steps.

We are here to help you out and show you how to create your first online store with the help of the popular platform WooCommerce.

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the Shopify ecommerce website builder work in 2018

In order to start properly, there are 3 things you need to consider:

  • A name for your store – The first thing you need to do is find a name for your online store and it is highly recommended to select a name that you are satisfied and happy with. You can change the name later, but if your customers start to identify the store with a specific name, it will create misunderstandings and confusion with the name being changed. In other words, you may lose your loyal customers.
  • A web hosting – Another very important thing you should deal with is web hosting service. Web hosting is space on the internet that offers various services. The web hosting account is your own space for your own website online on the web.
  • SSL certificate – The SSL certificate helps make your site safe and secure which allow you to accept important information such as credit card numbers, PIN codes, and etc. These are confidential details and requires for you to get SSL certificate to make your site safe and secure. This certificate allows you to receive payments without any trouble.

One of the most popular and best platforms on the market is WordPress with WooCommerce. A lot of people prefer to use WordPress with WooCommerce as it is really easy and flexible to use. WooCommerce is completely free and doesn’t require any extra payments to set up your own store. This plugin needs to be installed and activated like any other plugin, in order for it to work. It requires a few pages such as cart, shop, account, and checkout. You must also select a currency, location, and unit measure you plan on using for your online store. Enter the tax details, as well as, the shipping information, and proceed further. Choose the payment methods that suit you, and you are ready.

Good luck!

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